Slow down

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One of the things we’ve lost with the explosion of digital photography is the value of time spent and WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY NYC. With up to 1,000 RAW images on a memory card, why not set it to burst mode and record at 14 frames per second, right? No, not right.

Yes, speed does sometimes help to capture a great shot, but this is reminiscent of the saying: “Even a blind squirrel can accidentally find an acorn.” Don’t be a blind squirrel. Learn to breathe calmly, scout the area, carefully compose the frame, patiently shoot.

Pressing the shutter should be the culmination of thought and preparation. Are you planning a composition that you would like to capture? Do you scout the area in advance and determine the best time of day or even season to take a picture? Do you evaluate the filming potential of the scene you see, even without being on the set?

Digital photography has brought with it a lot of opportunities and we do not propose to refuse it. Just start shooting as if your camera were loaded with a 36-frame roll of film. Slow down, it’s worth it.