Six Exercises for Street Photographers

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A pedestrian
Select a pedestrian and follow him. Just shoot not him, but what you meet along the way. Consider that you are a passenger on a train driven by a pedestrian of your choice. When you lose sight of it, find a new one (change seats) and repeat the exercise and also read

180 degrees
Whenever you find a scene worth photographing, turn around 180 degrees and take another shot. Do not forget that interesting things can happen behind your back.

Bus stop
Come shoot at the bus stop. Take a picture of everyone waiting for the bus with you. When the bus comes, don’t get on it. Wait for new passengers and shoot again. It’s tricky because you can’t click and run. This is the task.

Picasso blue period
Choose a color. This color should be in every picture you take. Start with a large brush and a wide stroke (for example, a blue wall) and gradually move on to details and shades (blue nail polish). Try to shoot your color pictures in the street

Man taking picture of street (Architecture and Buildings) looking,street,road,city

Your failed shots are your best sketches. Appreciate these photos as an artist appreciates his sketches. Print these pictures, thereby “legitimizing” them. Put your prints in your pocket and travel with them. Study them at your leisure. Think about how elements from different shots can be found in the same image. Use them for analysis so as not to make the same mistakes in the future

Find a place of power
Find a crowded place where you will freeze people. Your goal in this case is not to shoot a masterpiece, but to freeze the movement. Let there be two people first. Then three, four. Go on. You need to study the movement of people in space in order to organize them in the photo in the way you need. It looks like archery. You must feel omnipotent in your reality, which you want to fix.