Options for using the PC in the studio

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I want to give my favorite example, when we turn on only one PC and use https://www.artlook.us/service/wedding-photo-booths-nyc/ and, firstly, we fully study its specifics, and secondly, we get diverse image styles with it. This is the Nappelbaum method – a way of lighting a portrait with a single lamp.

At the same time, we can ask our client to both turn towards the light fixture and turn away from it, thereby creating a shadow or light effect. Here we need to go back a little and remember the three directions of the world.

So, if we shine directly on a person, then we will make a flat picture, if from the side, then volume will appear due to the distribution of light and shadow. And if the device is placed at 45 degrees, we can see a light spot in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe eye of the person being photographed (the famous Rembrandt triangle).

In addition, you can rotate the model in profile – and you get a completely new vision of what seems to be the same face.

As you can already understand, the painter may well be the main and only source of light. But in order to be able to experiment with lighting and create unusual photos, it is worth considering purchasing other devices.

In the arsenal of an amateur photographer, there may be both expensive devices, as well as simpler and more affordable ones. For example, you can purchase a fill light for your future photo studio, which is designed to even out harsh shadows and remove contrasts.

At the same time, it can be replaced with ordinary reflectors. Fabric, paper backgrounds will also come in handy, as well as separate illuminators for them.

A beautiful photo can be obtained with the key light set in a diagonal position, filling (in the front) and background and / or backlighting of the hair and the figure of a person (the contour of the subject).